What's the Minnesota Horse Expo?
Minnesota's largest equine trade show with vendors in State Fair buildings and lining the streets of the Expo grounds creating an easy access marketplace for anyone wanting to find merchandise related to horses/owners and compare brands, prices and features. Horses representing many horse breeds and associations are displayed and exhibited daily. Speakers, trainers and clinicians educate on equitation, horse training, care and maintenance. Free pony and wagon rides.

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Minnesota's Largest Equine Trade Show and Breed Exhibition
Sponsored by the
Minnesota Horse Council

April 14, 15, 16 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN 
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(Vendor buildings close 7pm except Coliseum)
Thursday April 14


Friday April 15


Saturday April 16

8:30am - 9:30pm


Advance Tickets

Adults (13-61)
Seniors (62+).........$ 9.00
Youth (6-12)...........$ 9.00
Child (5 & under).....FREE

Advance Expo 3-Day Tickets
Adults (13-61)........$35.00
Seniors (62+).........$25.00
Youth (6-12)...........$25.00
Child (5 & under).....FREE

Expo Tickets at the Gate
Cash/Check/Credit Card
Adults (13-61)........$15.00
Seniors (62+).........$11.00
Youth (6-12)...........$11.00
Child (5 & under).....FREE

Expo 3-Day Tickets at the Gate
Cash/Check/Credit Card
Adults (13-61)........$40.00
Seniors (62+).........$30.00
Youth (6-12)...........$30.00

Tickets to PRCA Rodeo
Performances are in addition to Horse Expo Admission

PRCA Rodeo Admission

Box Seats: $20 (Box 1-3, 13-28)
Reserved "A" - $14 (Sect 1,2,3,13,14, 15, 16 and 28)
Reserved "B" - $11 (Sec 17-27_
Behind the chutes $5 - Box seats included (Sec/Box 4-12)

Free Horse Expo Parking in
State Fair Parking Lots

Available at the MN Horse Expo - Wheelchair/electric scooter Rentals: In addition to 3 wheelchairs we will also have 3 electric scooters to rent at the 2022 Expo. Cost for scooters: $160 for the day; $85 for half day. Cost for wheelchairs: $80 for day, $45 for half day. Rental is on a first come, first serve basis (cash and credit card accepted) plus a deposit. A current valid drivers license with photo will be required to rent a wheelchair or scooter. The wheelchairs and scooters will be available in the Expo Office.

Dogs, except for service dogs, are prohibited from the Coliseum and Horse Barn during the Minnesota Horse Expo. To fully enjoy all the Expo has to offer, we recommend you leave your dog at home.

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Rain – ok. Wind – all right. Horizontal flying snowflakes? Come on!

Mother Nature played a bit with the weather for the 40th Minnesota Horse Expo, but we all survived. The breeds were there, the vendors, the clinicians from far warmer places – all contributed to a much-appreciated gathering of horse people and equine enthusiasts.

The MN Horse Expo worked with the State Fair to ensure this unique Thursday through Saturday Expo would work with the hugely popular tack swap, the PRCA rodeos, Saturday night vendor move out and extra heat. We appreciate the good will and effort of all the exhibitors, some of whom came from the snowy Dakotas or the wind whipped parts of Iowa, to be a part of our event.

To our volunteers who put up and took down dressage rings, round pens, and obstacle courses – we thank you. To the volunteers who staffed the entry gates and the arena gates, sold the logo merchandise, welcoming the veteran Expo goers and the newbies – couldn’t have done it without you. To the Twin Cities media – thanks for helping get the word out. To the Expo staff who work on this all year round, kudos on your planning and implementation. To the Board of Directors, thanks for your direction and dedication. To the sponsors and the MN Horse Council – appreciate your unflagging support.

And to you, the patrons of the Expo, who came and learned and watched and wandered through the buildings stopping to shop or attend a presentation or just gaze at the Parade of Breed horses as they gathered outside the Coliseum, thank you for being there.

2023 dates for the 41st Minnesota Horse Expo are Friday through Sunday, April 28-30.
Please mark the calendar and start talking about it. Your horses will know, and we thank you.

The 2022 Minnesota Horse Expo will feature 2 PRCA Rodeo performances.
Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 at 7:30 pm in the Coliseum.

PRCA Rodeo performance tickets and Advance Minnesota Horse Expo tickets will go on sale online and by telephone beginning December 1, 2021. 
Click here for rodeo ticket information.
Click here for rodeo performance information.



Tack Swap at Expo

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Sponsored by the
Minnesota Horse Council

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