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Glen Eaton, Minnesota Horse Expo President and Exhibit Director,
Awarded the
2006 Van Ness Award by American Horse Council
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A Message From the President


After five or six years of snow, sleet, wind, rain the good Lord decided that the Minnesota Horse Exposition should have a good week-end. Of course we got seven or eight inches of snow over the proceeding week-end but with the great help from the Minnesota State Fair Crew and the high sun the 2013 Minnesota got off to a great start and a wonderful three day Expo. The Horse Barn was full with over 300 horses from over 52 different breeds and all of the inside vendor booths were sold. A great selection of clinicians and demonstrations were the usual for the Expo. Most of the rooms were well attended to hear the clinicians or watch the demonstrations. New this year was the Cavallo Equestrian Arts show "Ma'Ceo" in the tent south of the Dairy Building. All shows were mostly sold out and we had to add a third show on Saturday. A great addition for the 2013 Expo.

To this I want to say thank you to all who attended the Minnesota Horse Expo 2013, the crew of the Minnesota State Fair, the clinicians, demonstrators, vendors, and horse stall renters, the general public and last but not least the Directors and Staff of the Minnesota Horse Expo who worked throughout the year to put the Expo together.


Glen G. Eaton
Minnesota Horse Expo


 Left to right (front): Brenda Miller, Jenny Buskey, Jan Schatzlein Left to right (back): Missie Schwartz, Angela McNally, Darrell Mead, Expo President Glen Eaton, Del Bauernfeind, Kathy Juhl. Absent: Charlyn Cadwell, Tracy Turner, Laura Lyseng, Linda Dahl and Allison Eklund

Expo Board Presents $225,000 Check to Minnesota Horse Council
On September 27, the Minnesota Horse Exposition Inc. presented a check to the Minnesota Horse Council representing the profits from the 2011 Minnesota Horse Expo. Vice President Darrell Mead is receiving the check in the amount of $225,000 from Expo President Glen Eaton. Since Horse Expo 1991, the Minnesota Horse Exposition has presented the Minnesota Horse Council over $3,400,000. All of these funds have gone into the equine industry in one way or another. The Expo Board of Directors and staff meet once a month to put the Expo together. At the event, over 200 volunteers add their efforts. The Minnesota Horse Expo is one of the largest Horse Council sponsored expos in the country. I think that speaks well for the equine industry of Minnesota. I want to thank all the Minnesota Horse Expo directors, staff, volunteers and MN State Fair staff for putting this together.

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