April 26, 27, 28- Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the
Minnesota Horse Council
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2019 MN Horse Expo Speakers/Demos

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Barbra Schulte


Her journey began on her parents' farm in Southern Illinois with 400 horses. Throughout her life and horse adventures, Barbra has always been driven by a singular passion - to help riders grow their confidence. She is a personal performance coach, a cutting horse trainer, publisher of online programs, clinician, author and speaker. She was the first woman to win the National Cutting Horse Association 4 year old Derby and the 5-6 year old at the Summer Spectacular Classic. She is an honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and in the National Cutting Horse Association Members' Hall of Fame. She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award by the AQHA and the Women's Sports Foundation. Barbra has a Master's degree in speech pathology and audiology. She was certified as a Personal Performance Coach for Riders at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida. 


Friday, April 26

10:00-11:00 Compeer Arena
How to Work the Flag to Develop Good Habits for Cow Work
The flag is an affordable way to work on good habits for both you and your horse as you learn to work a cow. Learn the correct mechanics of a cow horse turn, how to present them sequentially to your horse, and how to execute them well in your riding.

1:00-2:00  DNR Building
Lecture Presentation
How to Ride with Confidence
Whether you are a student of horsemanship who prefers not to compete, or if you love to show, you will learn 3 core connections that, when achieved, will allow you to grow true confidence and skills on your horse.

4:00-5:00 Compeer Arena
3 Elements of Herd Work for Cutting, Working Cow Horse and Ranch Cutting
If you ride in any discipline involving herd work, it is essential to learn how to "chunk" your herd work into 3 main segments ... planning your cut, making the cut and working the cow. This demonstration will help you learn how to do this and what you need to know for each component.


Saturday, April 27

11:00-Noon Compeer Arena
The Cow Challenge Game: How to Read Different Types of Cattle

If you ride in any discipline involving cattle, it is essential to learn how to "read" a cow and then adjust your strategy for working that cow depending on its temperament.  During this clinic, you will learn how to read a cow and then move strategically to control its behavior.

1:00-2:00  DNR Building
Lecture Presentation

Top Ten Mental Game Don't Dos

All riders experience some types of rider anxiety and insecurity from time to time. It might surprise you to know that some are more debilitating than others for your riding. In this top ten countdown presentation, learn the best of the worst difficult emotions, how they impact your riding and ways to transform them into empowering emotions. 

4:00-5:00 Compeer Arena
5 Ways to Overcome Nerves and Be Cool and Calm

Riders in all disciplines can consistently utilize 5 simple steps to ensure their ability to ride calmly and confidently in any situation. Leave this session with 5 take home rituals and exercises to help you grow your ability to call up calmness and focus on demand.

Sunday, April 28

Compeer Arena Noon-1:00
Competition Savvy; 8 Ways to Be Your Best in the Show Arena

Show day never feels like practice day. Use these 8 ideas to ensure that you perform at your best in the show arena instead of leaving your best in the practice pen.

2:00-3:00  DNR Building  Lecture Presentation
Letting Go of What Other People Think

One of the biggest challenges for all riders is to let go of what other people think. In this presentation, Barb gives you ways to overcome this challenge so you can stay focused on the job at hand.



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