July 23, 24, 25  - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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Anchor Coffee Bar
Fresh brewed coffee (regular or decaf), vanilla latte, caramel latte, mocha latte, chai tea latte, mini donut latte, hot tea (black & herbal), iced herbal teas, cold brew coffee, nitro cold brew coffee, cold brew lavender shandy (cold brew coffee and lavender lemonade), cream cold brew lattes (hot option) (vanilla, caramel, chocolate mocha), hot chocolate, Italian soda (strawberry, raspberry, cherry) bottled water, muffins (blueberry, cinnamon, chocolate).

Hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, grilled chicken sandwich, buffalo grilled chicken sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, hot dog, french fries, onion rings, nachos and cheese, Pepsi products, bottled water, orange juice, coffee, hot chocolate, Red Bull, Gatorade.

Colonial Nut Roll
Nut rolls (peanut, pecan, cashew), chocolate dip, coffee, bottled water.

Donna's BBQ
Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on an English muffin, shaved pork tenderloin sandwich, rib sandwich, beer brat, chili cheese brat, jalapeño cheddar brat, maple apple brat, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, lemonade, Sierra Mist, coffee, bottled water.

F & W Concessions
London broil steak sandwich, Polish and Italian on a roll, Polish and Italian on a pitchfork, water, soda.

German Roasted Nuts
Cinnamon roasted nuts, gourmet fudge, gourmet flavored popcorn.

Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken strips, french fries, taco in a bag, bacon, egg and cheese Sandwiches, Coke products, bottled water, coffee.

Lancer (Alton's - Totchos)
Totchos (tater tot nachos), hot dogs, BBQ pork sandwich, kettle corn, popcorn, mini donuts, soft drinks, bottled water, Powerade, beer, wine.

Lancer (Sabinos)
Pizza, bavarian pretzel, nachos, kettle corn, popcorn, mini donuts, ice cream, soft drinks, bottled water, ICEEs, Powerade, beer, wine.

Lancer (Aldo's)
Breakfast, burgers, black bean burger, grilled chicken sandwich, hot dogs, french fries, cheese curds, bavarian pretzel, nachos, kettle corn, popcorn, mini donuts, soft drinks, bottled water, Caribou coffee, Powerade, beer, wine.

Lancer (Snack House)
Hot dogs, bavarian pretzel, nachos, popcorn, kettle corn, mini donuts, ice cream, soft drinks, bottled water, ICEEs, Powerade, beer, wine.

Loret Foods
Deep fried cheese curds, soft drinks, bottled water.

Orange Treet (Corn Dogs)
Footlong hot dogs, corn dogs (regular and footlong) Pepsi products (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, root beer).

Orange Treet (Fruit Drinks)
Orange and strawberry treets, fresh squeezed lemonade, add pureed strawberries, raspberries, or peaches to lemonade.

Perfect Pie
Pizza, soft drinks

Schroder Concessions
Popcorn, caramel corn, caramel apples, sno cones, cotton candy, cold drinks, bottled water.

Simply Nuts
Mixed nuts, cashews, pecan pralines, cinnamon almonds, hot and sassy mix, almonds, triple berry, honey cashews, not nuts.

Tom Thumb Donuts
Tom Thumb Mini Donuts, Pop, Pink Lemonade, Bottled Water, Coffee.

Tot Boss
Tater tots, poutine tots, loaded tots, chili tots, beef burrito, tater tot hotdish, mini corn dog basket, chicken tender basket, tater tot nachos, pizza tots, dipping sauces, pop, water.

Two Rivers Kettle Korn
Kettle korn, cheddar cheese popcorn, popcorn, caramel corn, 3 way mix (kettle, cheddar & caramel), 2 way mix (kettle & cheddar), 2 way mix (caramel & cheddar), Pepsi products, raspberry iced Tea, Lemonade, Bottled Water.


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