April 26, 27, 28  - Minnesota State Fairgrounds
1265 Snelling Ave North, St. Paul, MN

Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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2024 MN Horse Expo Features
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The Flugnir Icelandic Horse Association

Horse Barn Ring     Friday, Saturday, Sunday        11:00-11:30

What the Tolt? An Intro to the Icelandic Horse

From settling the wilds of Iceland with ancient Vikings to wowing crowds with their exciting drill presentations and unique gaits, the Icelandic horse brings a rich history to the Minnesota Horse Expo. But how did they become such a unique breed? What are those unique gaits? How did they come to move that way? How do you ride all those gaits? And what can you do with them? The Icelandic horses that you can meet here in the Horse Barn Ring, in our stalls in the horse barn, or in the Breed Demos excel in competition, trail, versatility and more. Meet some of the breeders, owners and trainers and get to know these small but powerful horses of Fire and Ice!



Arabian Horse Association


Horse Barn Ring       Friday, Saturday, Sunday    11:30am-12:00pm
Arabian Horse Liberty & History Presentation

Come watch and meet the magical Arabian Horse! A long and unique history over centuries and continents that has formed the Arabian Horse into the versatile, family friend companion that they are today. Come join the Arabian Horse Clubs of Minnesota on an adventure across time and learn about the history of the Arabian Horse.


The Northern Lights Peruvian Horse

Horse Barn Ring   Friday, Saturday, Sunday   1:00-1:30

That Cadillac Ride!

What gives you such a smooth ride?
Learn about the all-natural gait and what they call "termino".
Meet owners, breeders, trainers and a North American Peruvian Horse Judge.
Take a closer look at traditional Peruvian tack and hear about some of its historical and modern purpose. Did you know? Peruvian Horses may be ridden with any well fitted Western, English or Plantation gear. They are ideal horses for trail or pleasure riding as well as for show and they aim to please the rider. In today's world, the versatile Peruvian Horse with its wonderful disposition is suitable for all ages and riding abilities.

Visit the Northern Lights Peruvian Horse Club in the Horse Barn aisle AF-AG.


Gypsy Horses

Horse Barn Ring   Friday, Saturday, Sunday   1:30pm to 2:00pm

Magic of Gypsy Horses

Learn about the gypsy horse and why they are one of the fastest growing  breeds in the US. Their amazing hair, athleticism and temperament will show you why!! Also some great hair care tips and tricks for dealing  with that great hair!!



Arabian Horse Association

Horse Barn Ring    Friday, Saturday, Sunday     3:00pm-3:30pm

Discover Distance Riding

Distance riding is a unique sport where horse and rider compete against time to complete distances up to 100 miles per day. The venues where rides are hosted are parks with miles of trails where the teams experience a variety of terrains and views. The moto of AERC is “to finish is to win”.  Veterinarians play a key role as control judge— each horse is extensively checked before, during and at the finish of the ride to assure the horse is “fit to continue”. The criteria is strict— the horse must remain the first priority. All horses are capable of competing, but Arabians hold the majority seat.

Krystyna Eischens and Maria Enge have been competing in distance riding since 2016. They have competed at many of the iconic rides in the United States including—Tevis, Big Horns, Fort Howes and AHA Nationals at Huntersville 100.


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