July 23, 24, 25 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds  
1265 Snelling Avenue North, St. Paul, MN
Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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Be part of the Minnesota Horse Expo Experience

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John Entenmann

We welcome individuals and group volunteers to help at the 2021 Horse Expo!
When you volunteer as an individual (must be 16 or older) for a shift of 4 or more hours, you will receive free admission to the Horse Expo on the day you w

Members signing up under a group, organization or saddle club can qualify for payment if the group volunteers for a minimum of 40 hours/10 shifts total over the Expo event. Payment is based upon 4-hour shifts, at a rate of $20 per shift. There is no minimum or maximum number of members who can volunteer as part of a group, or a maximum number of shifts. Non-adult volunteers aged 12 to 17 can participate, but there must be one adult supervisor per two under age volunteers, and volunteers under 16 will only be positioned at the entrance gates to distribute and pack programs. It is requested that each group have a primary contact person to contact the Expo volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer Procedure at Expo

Instructions for parking and entering the Expo grounds will be emailed to you prior to the event, using the email that you use to sign up on our volunteer site. You will check in for Free Admission at our Will Call booth and then go to the Expo Office at the northwest end of the Coliseum to sign in and get your assignment. Note that children ages 6 and older may accompany adult volunteers working at the entrance gates, but must pay admission.

We welcome your interest and hope that you will join us for our 2021 Minnesota Horse Expo!

Each volunteer must sign in at the Expo office prior to their shift AND sign out at the end of the shift. If the volunteer does not sign out, the hours will not be credited. Hours must be verified as worked by Expo Staff prior to payment. Check will be mailed after hours are verif

Online Volunteer Signup

Use our online signup tool where volunteers can specify a volunteer role and a work shift, with automated email confirmation and reminders sent just prior to Expo time. For 2021 MN Horse Expo online volunteer sign up click here

Please contact:
Leslie Stewart, Expo volunteer coordinator for 2021, at
leslie.r.stewart@outlook.com or (612) 716-1522 or
Erin Corcoran, Expo volunteer recruiter at Erinc1997@hotmail.com or (612) 559-2704 with questions and information.

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