April 26, 27, 28 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds  
1265 Snelling Avenue North, St. Paul, MN
Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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See these stallions and more at the 2019 Minnesota Horse Expo

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SD Hercules
Black Gypsy Stallion

SD Hercules is a top-quality gypsy. He is trained to ride and drive, has the temperament of the best well behaved gelding, and loves kids most of all!  He has won multiple grand champions at state and national levels in the open and amateur division.
Hank will be shown in 2019 and stand to the public with KD Performance Horses.

Breed: Gypsy
Owner: Shannon Lord of Fat Bottom Gypsy Horses, Louisburg, KS
 563-566 & 583-586


Gitt A Hunka Burn N Love
Sooty Buckskin Gypsy Stallion

In his first year of showing, Presley is a three-time National grand Champion earner in Ranch Riding WJ, Novice English Pleasure WT and Novice Dressage Suitability WT.  Presley will be standing to the public at KD Performance Horses to approved Gypsy mares. Watch for Presley at the 2019 Gypsy shows.

Breed: Gypsy
Owner: Katie Nevin of River's Edge Gypsy Horses out of Red Lake Falls, MN
 563-566 & 583-586


Rosie's Blu Suede Shoes


Rosie's Blu Suede Shoes was born and raised at Rosie's Gypsy Ranch owned by Mark and Sharon Krebsbach.. Blu stands so magnificently at 15.2h.  He is a six-time 2018 FHC National Grand Champion and a two-time 2018 FHC National Reserve Champion.  He performs in Trail (Under Saddle & In Hand), Liberty, Dressage Suitability In-Hand, Halter, Western Pleasure, and Dressage Suitability.  Blu is standing at Stud in 2019 at Rosie's Gypsy Ranch// KD Performance Horses.

Breed: Gypsy
Owners: Mark and Sharon Krebsbach.
 563-566 & 583-586


Peppys Burnin up Doc (Maximus)
AQHA Stallion

This will be our fourth year at the MN Horse Expo. Once again our AQHA stallion will be here for the 2019 Horse Expo. Peppys Burnin up Doc (Maximus) is a 2013 Model.  He stands 15.1 hands tall and is 92.56% foundation. He carries one copy of the champagne gene and is homozygous black. Which means he can pass on champagne gene 50% of the time. Also, since he is Homozygous black all of his offspring will have a black main and tail. He can't produce a sorrel, palomino, red roan, just to mention a few. We use him for anything and everything on the farm. Dragging logs to pushing cows! He is very level headed and enjoys the crowds down here at the state fair grounds. We love meeting new people, so swing by stalls 17-19 and meet Maximus and us with Leyh Quarter Horses.

Breed: American Quarter Horse
 Leyh Quarter Horses


R Squared Special Reserve
Rocky Mountain Horse

R Squared Special Reserve is R Squared Ranch's signature stallion attending many Expos across the Midwest. R Squared Special Reserve is 14.3h and called a Silver Dapple or Chocolate.
 He has it all, brains, beauty and awesome personality that he passes on to his offspring! His sire is a multiple International award winner in Kentucky as well as several full siblings.There's a chance to add a Silver dapple horse to your herd. Ask about his stud fees and watch him work!

Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse
Owner: R Squared Ranch in St. Croix Falls, WI


3-4 & 143-144


Big Shoe Ranch CiCi’s Sir Jack
Smokey Silver Dapple Gypsy Stallion

CiCi’s Sir Jack is a 22-month-old Smokey Silver Dapple Gypsy Stallion.
  Sir Jack carries the Black, Red, Silver and Cream Genes. He is estimated to be 14H3” and is PSSM1 negative.

When CiCi’s Sir Jack first arrived at our ranch, he instantly became one of the family.
  Sir Jack has a charming personality and gentle disposition. These qualities are our first and highest priorities for any of our breeding stock. We were ecstatic when we watched him run across the pasture and marveled at his confirmation and graceful movements. We have only received the highest complements on his confirmation from other breeders. He is curious, friendly, intelligent, and a quick learner. Sir Jack has been in Stillwater, Minnesota for the last 3 months being trained by Aaron Wilson.

Sir Jack is:

Grandson of St Clarins 2002 Chocolate Silver Dapple 15H1” EE nZ. 2002 Champion of Champion Ambassador of breed and 2010 Ft. Worth World Champion.

Son of CiCi’s Sir Keith 2007 Smokey Silver Dapple 14H3” EeZCR

Both are from Cielo Celeste Farm in Santa Ynez California.

Breed: Gypsy
  Mike and Julie Hodziewich from Big Shoe Ranch – Belt, Montana

- https://www.facebook.com/bigshoeranch
Stalls: 800-810


Oberon de Fermes Boisvert
Black Leopard American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Horse


Height: 16HH
Color: Black Leopard

Owner: Boisvert Farms, Mary and Jay Boisvert

He is expecting his first foals next month

 American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Horse

Owner: Mary Boisvert from Boisvert Farms in Frederic, WI 54837


El Adorado
Pure Spanish Andalusian
Color: Chestnut

El Adorado, a 2015 Pure Spanish Andalusian, is one of the most impressive horses you will ever meet.
  His beauty alone is stunning, with his long, strong legs, arched neck, copper color, and amazing forelock. But, beyond that, he is kind, loving, and unnervingly intelligent.  El Adorado is rare, not only for his color (less than 5% of Andalusians are chestnut), but also for his bloodlines. He is one of the last stallions with the legendary Genil on his pedigree. Genil’s record of championships in Spain and Mexico remains unsurpassed even today. The downside of El Adorado’s pedigree features his grandsire, Esteban B, who was imported and holds national championships in dressage and doma vaquera (Spanish bull-fighting).  El Adorado is 16.2 hands at age 3.  He is standing this year to approved mares of all breeds. Half Andalusians can be registered in 3 different registries.

Breed: Andalusian

Owner: Cher Becker, of P4 Spanish Horses, located near Eden Valley, MN. Visit P4 Spanish Horses on Facebook and during the Expo

Stalls: 201-205



photo by Amanda Waddell

Klaas (Mintse 384 x Tsjerk 328) is a 7-year-old stallion that does dressage, mounted shooting and liberty work with his mom. He is owned by Shannon Hansell of Oak Hill Stables. If you are looking to breed to a Friesian Stallion, he is a great option.  Standing 16.1 he is very baroque. He is versatile and passes this on to his children.  Also known to have lots of hair and a gentle nature. All of which he passes on beautifully. (he will have a daughter at Expo in stall 523) He loves kids and will drop his head to get a hug from any child that is near. He will be performing in breed demo, stallion demo, and parade of breeds and dancing in the street. If you see him you might even get to see one of the Disney princesses with him. I hear Belle from Beauty and the Beast will be making an appearance riding on Klaas this year. Klaas will be in stall 521 Please stop by for your hug!!!!If you see him at expo please tag him in your photos, we love to share photos of his fans. He is very proud of them.

Breed: Friesian

Owner: Shannon Hansell of Oak Hill Stables

You can also find Klaas on Facebook or Instagram at Klaas the Friesian stallion.

Stall: 521


Via King Id Starbert (Spirit)
American Quarter Horse

Here is our handsome 2005 Dunskin senior stallion. VIA KING ID STARBERT (SPIRIT) He stands at 15 hands tall good bone and brains to boot! His offspring would be great rope horses and sorters. He is out of a son of TWO ID BARTENDER which earned 19 halter points and 164 Performance points, and 5 ROM'S in halter, heading, and healing! On the bottom side he is out of a granddaughter of CUTTER BILL who has also earn 13 halter points and 334 performance points. Multiple world champion cutter and has sired 29 World champions himself.

Come find SPIRIT in the horse barn alongside our other stallion Peppys Burnin Up Doc. We look forward to meeting you!

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Owner: Leyh Quarter Horses



Ultimo Triunfo – “The Ultimate Triumph”
Pure Spanish Andalusian

Color: Heterozygous grey

He is the last foal by the late KBF Adoro and, having foaled early and survived, he truly has triumphed.
 He is a rarity - one of the last horses with the legendary Genil, Champion of Champions in Spain and Mexico, on his pedigree.  Uno is beautifully baroque in conformation and movement. He exhibits all the characteristics that a high quality Pure Spanish Andalusian should have. He is strongly built, yet elegant, with a thick arched neck and luscious, long mane and tail. He has phenomenal movement with plenty of knee and hock action. He is standing this year to approved mares of all breeds. Half Andalusians can be registered in 3 different registries. He is bred and owned by Cher Becker of P4 Spanish Horses, located near Eden Valley, MN.


 Cher Becker of P4 Spanish Horses, located near Eden Valley, MN

Visit P4 Spanish Horses on Facebook and during the Expo



Legacy's Knox
Breed: Shire

Color: Black - 18.1 hands

Owner: Russell Brand of Brand Valley Farms



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