April 27, 28, 29 - Minnesota State Fairgrounds  
1265 Snelling Avenue North, St. Paul, MN
Sponsored by the Minnesota Horse Council
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Be part of the Minnesota Horse Expo Experience.

photo credit
John Entenmann

When you volunteer as an individual (must be 16 or older) for a shift of 4 or more hours, you will receive free admission to the Horse Expo on the day you work.

Earn Money for your Club!

If a group (can be a horse-related group but doesn’t need to be) comprised of 10 people (must be 16 or older) agrees to work a minimum of 40 hours during Expo, that group will earn $10 per 4 hour shift for their group (every 4 hours worked = $10, 10 individuals X 40 hours = $100). There is no maximum number of individuals or hours. There is no proof of group membership necessary. Spouses, parents or friends of the group member are welcome to volunteer also. Each volunteer receives free admission the day they volunteer. It is requested that each group have a primary contact person to contact the Expo volunteer coordinator. Each volunteer must check in at the Expo office prior to their shift AND sign out at the end of the shift. If the volunteer does not sign out, the hours will not be credited. Hours must be verified as worked by Expo Staff prior to payment. Check will be mailed after hours are verified. Some of the positions available are: Set up on Thursday (free admission will be for a regular Expo day), Wristbands, Programs, Merchandise Booth, Coliseum Gates, and Horse Rides -- some backup leaders and two at the waiver table. As the event draws closer, there are typically odd positions that are requested from one of the Expo staff, vendors or clinicians.

Here's How:
Call Missie Schwartz, MN Horse Expo Volunteer Coordinator, at
612-868-6041 or e-mail her at bmschwartz@msn.com for available jobs and shifts. Volunteers should enter through the North Gate after getting their hand stamped for free admission at the Will Call Booth located just outside the North Gate. Volunteers’ names must be on the Will Call volunteer list to qualify for free admission. If your name is not on the list, you will not be allowed the free admission. Paid entry through another Expo gate will not be reimbursed. All volunteers must go to the Expo Office (Northwest end of Coliseum) to get their instructions and to sign in. Children ages 6 and older may accompany adult volunteers whose job is handing out programs but must pay admission.


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